Love in the Supermarket

Fryer, AK (2017) Love in the Supermarket. [Composition]


Comic/tragic poem with setting arranged for solo and choral voice, ukele and melodeon - on the subject of Brexit - Meditating on the events that surround us as the aftermath of a savage rampage in the supermarket by wild beasts, or a party gone wrong - this is a love song for now. A succession of strange and unlikely devastated couples pick up the pieces and try to mend the damage. These hybrid humans, friends, lovers and post-truth creatures perform unhinged love duets that hold up a mirror to the throbbing heart of our time. We see what their feral love can tell us about falling in and falling out, about passion and protest, about crossing borders, about friendship and living together, about wild horses, hope, abandon, laughter and dancing in the supermarket.

Untitled (220kB)