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Spracklen, K (2019) From The Wicker Man (1973) to Atlantean Kodex: Extreme music, alternative identities and the invention of paganism. Metal Music Studies. (In Press)

Robinson, D and Spracklen, K (2019) Music, Beer and Performativity in New Local Leisure Spaces: Case Study of a Yorkshire Dales Market Town. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure. ISSN 2520-8683 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2018) Making Sense of Alternativity in Leisure and Culture: Back to Sub-Culture. In: Subcultures, Bodies and Spaces: Essays on Alternativity and Maginalization. Emerald. ISBN 9781787565128

Swain, S and Spracklen, K and Lashua, B (2018) Khat-Chewing in Liminal Leisure Spaces: British-Somali Youth on the Margins. Leisure Studies. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2018) Leisure, Popular Culture and Memory: The Invention of Dark Age Britain, Wales, England, and Middle-earth in the songs of Led Zeppelin. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure, 1 (2). pp. 139-152. ISSN 2520-8683 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2018) Throat-singing as extreme Other: An exploration of Mongolian and Central Asian style in extreme metal. Metal Music Studies, 4 (1). ISSN 2052-3998

Spracklen, K (2018) Opeth Not Metal: Making Sense of the Symbolic Boundary Work in the Leisure Spaces of Musicians and Fans. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure. ISSN 2520-8683 DOI:

Henderson, S and Spracklen, K (2017) ‘Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose’: Music Promoting, Digital Leisure, Social Media and Community. Leisure Sciences, 40 (4). pp. 239-250. ISSN 0149-0400 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2017) ‘Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and—which is more—you’ll be a man, my son’: Myths of British masculinity and Britishness in the Construction and Reception of Iron Maiden. Metal Music Studies. DOI:

Henderson, S and Spracklen, K (2017) If I Had My Way, I'd Have Been a Killer: Songwriting and its Motivations for Leisure and Work. Leisure / Loisir, 41 (2). ISSN 2151-2221 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2017) Sex, Drugs, Satan and Rock and Roll: Re-thinking Dark Leisure, from Theoretical Framework to an Exploration of Pop-rock-metal Music Norms. Annals of Leisure Research, 21 (4). pp. 407-423. ISSN 1174-5398 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2017) The Future of Work and Leisure by Stanley Parker (1971, London: MacGibbon and Kee). Annals of Leisure Research. ISSN 1174-5398 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2016) Bravehearts and Bonny Mountainsides: Nation and History in Scottish Folk/Black Metal. Rock Music Studies. ISSN 1940-1159 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Henderson, S and Procter, D (2016) Imagining the Scene and the Memory of the F-Club: Talking About Lost Punk and Post-Punk Spaces in Leeds. Punk and Post Punk. ISSN 2044-1983 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2016) Theorising northernness and northern culture: the north of England, northern Englishness, and sympathetic magic. Journal for Cultural Research, 20 (1). pp. 4-16. ISSN 1479-7585 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2016) Millstone Grit, Blackstone Edge: Literary and Heritage Tourism in the South Pennines, England. In: Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland: Nation, Conservation, Identity. Palgrave. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Spracklen, K (2016) What Did the Norwegians Ever Do For Us? Actor-Network Theory, the Second Wave of Black Metal and the Imaginary Community of Heavy Metal’. In: Heavy Metal Music and the Communal Experience. Lexington Press. ISBN 978-1-4985-0638-0

Spracklen, K (2015) "To Holmgard… and Beyond": Folk Metal Fantasies and Hegemonic White Masculinities. Metal Music Studies, 1 (3). 354 - 377. ISSN 2052-3998 DOI:

Henderson, S and Spracklen, K (2015) From Serious Leisure to Serious Work, or, When Folk Music Struck a Chord: Careers, Habermasian Rationality and Agency. Leisure/ Loisir, 38 (3-4). pp. 207-224. ISSN 2151-2221 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2015) From Playful Pleasure to Dystopian Control: Marx, Gramsci, Habermas and the Limits of Leisure. Akademisk Kvarter/Acadaemic Quarter, 11. 24 - 34. ISSN 1904-0008

Parnell, D and Millward, P and Spracklen, K (2014) Sport and austerity in the UK: an insight into Liverpool 2014. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 7 (2). 200 - 203. ISSN 1940-7963 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Scott, N (2014) Editorial. Metal Music Studies, 1 (1). ISSN 2052-3998 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Long, J and Hylton, K (2014) Leisure opportunities and new migrant communities: challenging the contribution of sport. Leisure Studies, 34 (1). 114 - 129. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2014) Bottling Scotland, drinking Scotland: Scotland's future, the whisky industry and leisure, tourism and public-health policy. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 6 (2). 135 - 152. ISSN 1940-7963 DOI:

Fletcher, T and Spracklen, K (2014) Cricket, drinking and exclusion of British Pakistani Muslims? Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37 (8). 1310 - 1327. ISSN 0141-9870 DOI:

Lashua, B and Spracklen, K and Long, P (2014) Introduction to the special issue: Music and Tourism. Tourist Studies, 14 (1). 3 - 9. ISSN 1468-7976 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2014) Leisure studies education: Historical trends and pedagogical futures in the United Kingdom and beyond. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education, 15 (1). 20 - 23. ISSN 1473-8376 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2014) Moral panics or the politics of pleasure? Alcohol and policy directions in tourism, leisure and events. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 6 (2). 93 - 94. ISSN 1940-7963 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2014) There is (almost) no alternative: the slow ‘heat death’ of music subcultures and the instrumentalization of contemporary leisure. Annals of Leisure Research, 17 (3). 252 - 266. ISSN 1174-5398 DOI:

Long, J and Hylton, K and Spracklen, K (2014) Whiteness, Blackness and Settlement: Leisure and the Integration of New Migrants. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40 (11). 1779 - 1797. ISSN 1369-183X DOI:

Spracklen, K and Lucas, C and Deeks, M (2014) The Construction of Heavy Metal Identity through Heritage Narratives: A Case Study of Extreme Metal Bands in the North of England. Popular Music and Society, 37 (1). 48 - 64. ISSN 1740-1712 DOI:

Riches, G and Lashua, B and Spracklen, K (2014) Female, Mosher, Transgressor: A 'Moshography' of Transgressive Practices within the Leeds Extreme Metal Scene. IASPM@Journal, 4 (1). 87 - 100. ISSN 2079-3871 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Spracklen, B (2014) The Strange and Spooky Battle over Bats and Black Dresses: The Commodification of Whitby Goth Weekend and the Loss of a Subculture. Tourist Studies, 14 (1). 86 - 102. ISSN 1468-7976 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Laurencic, J and Kenyon, A (2013) 'Mine's a Pint of Bitter': Performativity, gender, class and representations of authenticity in real-ale tourism. Tourist Studies, 13 (3). 304 - 321. ISSN 1468-7976 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Henderson, S (2013) "Oh! What a tangled web we weave": Englishness, communicative leisure, identity work and the cultural web of the English folk morris dance scene. Leisure/ Loisir, 37 (3). 233 - 249. ISSN 1492-7713 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Richter, A and Spracklen, B (2013) The eventization of leisure and the strange death of alternative Leeds. City, 17 (2). 164 - 178. ISSN 1360-4813 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2013) Nazi Punks Folk Off: Leisure, Nationalism, Cultural Identity and the Consumption of Metal and Folk Music. Leisure Studies, 32 (4). 415 - 425. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2013) Respectable Drinkers, Sensible Drinking, Serious Leisure: Single-Malt Whisky Enthusiasts and the Moral Panic of Irresponsible Others. Contemporary Social Science, 8 (1). 46 - 57. ISSN 2158-2041 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Spracklen, C (2012) Breaking the mould? Whiteness, masculinity, Welshness, working-classness and rugby league in Wales. In: Sport and Leisure Ethics, Rights and Social Relationship. Leisure Studies Association, 63 - 77. ISBN 9781905369317

Spracklen, K and Spracklen, B (2012) Pagans and Satan and Goths, Oh My: Dark Leisure as Communicative Agency and Communal Identity on the Fringes of the Modern Goth Scene. World Leisure Journal, 54 (4). 350 - 362. ISSN 0441-9057 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2011) Dreaming of drams: Authenticity in Scottish whisky tourism as an expression of unresolved Habermasian rationalities. Leisure Studies, 30 (1). 99 - 116. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Long, J and Hylton, K and Lewis, H and Ratna, A and Spracklen, K (2011) Space for inclusion? The Construction of Sport and Leisure Spaces as Places for Migrant Communities. In: Community and Inclusion in Leisure Research and Sport Development. Leisure Studies Association, 33 - 53. ISBN 9781905369256

Spracklen, K and Timmins, S and Long, J (2010) Ethnographies of the imagined, the imaginary and the critically real: Blackness, whiteness, the north of England and rugby league. Leisure Studies, 29 (4). 397 - 414. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Long, J and Hylton, K and Spracklen, K and Ratna, A and Bailey, S (2009) Systematic Review of the Literature on Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Sport and Physical Recreation. Other. Sporting Equals and the Sports Council.

Spracklen, K and Spracklen, C (2008) Negotiations of minority ethnic rugby league players in the Cathar country of France. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 43 (2). 201 - 218. ISSN 1012-6902 DOI:

Spracklen, K (2008) The holy blood and the holy grail: Myths of scientific racism and the pursuit of excellence in sport. Leisure Studies, 27 (2). 221 - 227. ISSN 0261-4367 DOI:

Spracklen, K and Hylton, K and Long, J (2006) Managing and monitoring equality and diversity in UK sport: An evaluation of the sporting equals Racial Equality Standard and its impact on organizational change. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 30 (3). 289 - 305. ISSN 0193-7235 DOI:

Spracklen, K (1996) Playing the Ball: Constructing Community and Masculine Identity in Rugby. Doctoral thesis, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Long, J and Spracklen, K (1996) Positional Play: Racial Stereotyping in Rugby League. Bulletin of Physical Education, 32 (1). 18 - 23.

Long, J and Tongue, N and Spracklen, K and Carrington, B (1995) What’s the Difference: A Study of the Nature and Extent of Racism in Rugby League. Project Report. The Rugby Football League, Leeds City Council, The Commission for Racial Equality and Leeds Metropolitan University.

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