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Hobbs, M and Radley, D (2020) Obesogenic environments and obesity : a comment on ‘Are environmental area characteristics at birth associated with overweight and obesity in school-aged children? Findings from the SLOPE (Studying Lifecourse Obesity PrEdictors) population-based cohort in the south of England’. BMC Medicine, 18 (1). ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

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Watkins, J and Simpson, A and Betts, JA and Thompson, D and Holliday, A and Deighton, K and Gonzalez, JT (2020) Galactose Ingested with a High-Fat Beverage Increases Postprandial Lipemia Compared with Glucose but Not Fructose Ingestion in Healthy Men. Journal of Nutrition. ISSN 1541-6100 DOI:

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