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Aber, A and Howard, A and Woods, HB and Jones, GL and Michaels, J (2018) Impact of Carotid Artery Stenosis on Quality of Life: A Systematic Review. Patient. ISSN 1178-1653 DOI:

Aber, A and Lumley, E and Phillips, P and Woods, HB and Jones, G and Michaels, J (2018) Themes that Determine Quality of Life in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Systematic Review. Patient, 11 (5). pp. 489-502. ISSN 1178-1653 DOI:

Abraham, A (2018) The Neuropsychology of Creativity. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 21. pp. 71-76. ISSN 2352-1546 DOI:

Abraham, AG (2018) Creativity and the social brain. In: Re/Searching the Social in Creativity Research: Methods, Studies, and Reflections. Palgrave Macmillan Book Series on ‘CREATIVITY & CULTURE' . Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

Abraham, AG (2018) The forest versus the trees: Creativity, cognition and imagination. In: Cambridge Handbook of the Neuroscience of Creativity. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781316556238

Abraham, AG and Asquith, SL and Ahmed, H and Bourisly, AK (2018) Comparing the efficacy of four brief inductions in boosting short-term creativity. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. ISSN 2509-3290 DOI:

Abraham, AG and Rutter, B and Bantin, T and Hermann, C (2018) Creative conceptual expansion: A combined fMRI replication and extension study to examine individual differences in creativity. Neuropsychologia. ISSN 1873-3514 DOI:

Aplin, RL (2018) Honour Based Abuse: The response by professionals to vulnerable adult investigations. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research. ISSN 1759-6599 DOI:

Asquith, SL and Wang, X and Abraham, AG (2018) The antecedents and outcomes of creative cognition. In: Creativity Policy, Partnerships and Practice in Education. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-3-319-96725-7 DOI:


Betka, S and Gould van Praag, C and Paloyelis, Y and Bond, R and Pfeifer, G and Sequeira, H and Duka, T and Critchley, H (2018) Impact of intranasal oxytocin on interoceptive accuracy in alcohol users: An attentional mechanism? Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13. pp. 440-448. ISSN 1749-5016 DOI:

Boyda, D and McFeeters, D and Dhingra, K and Rhoden, L (2018) Childhood maltreatment and psychotic experiences: exploring the specificity of early maladaptive schemas. Journal of Clinical Psychology. ISSN 0021-9762 DOI:


Cartwright, AJJ (2018) "May the choice be with you: Assisting practitioners with selecting appropriate psychometric assessments for the medico legal arena. Journal of Criminal Psychology. ISSN 2009-3829 DOI:

Cartwright, AJJ and Roach, J and Armitage, R (2018) Mission impossible? Assessing the veracity of a mental health problem as result of a road traffic accident: a preliminary review of UK experts’ practices. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology. ISSN 1478-9957 DOI:

Chauhan, M and Holch, P and Holbourn, C (2018) Assessing the information and support needs of radical prostate cancer patients and acceptability of a group based treatment review: A questionnaire and qualitative interview study. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice. ISSN 1460-3969 DOI:

Cockcroft, TW and Shan-A-Khuda, M and Schreuders, C and Trevorrow, P (2018) Police Cybercrime Training: Perceptions, Pedagogy and Policy. Policing (Oxford): a journal of policy and practice. ISSN 1752-4512 DOI:

Curcuruto, MM and Griffin, M and Kandola, R and Morgan, JI (2018) Multilevel Safety Climate in The UK Rail Industry: A Cross Validation of the Zohar and Luria MSC Scale. Safety Science. ISSN 0925-7535 DOI:

Curcuruto, MM and Griffin, MA (2018) Prosocial and proactive "safety citizenship behaviour" (SCB): The mediation role of affective commitment and psychological ownership. Safety Science. ISSN 0925-7535 DOI:


Day, K and Sandle, R and Muskett, T (2018) Working to feel better or feeling better to work? Discourse of wellbeing in austerity reality TV. Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, 14 (2). ISSN 1553-3697

Denny, E and Weckesser, A and Jones, G and Bibila, S and Daniels, J and Bhattacharya, S (2018) Women’s experiences of medical treatment for endometriosis and its impact on PRE-EMPT trial participation: a qualitative study. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 4. ISSN 2055-5784 DOI:

Dhingra, KJ and Klonsky, ED and Tapola, V (2018) An Empirical Test of the Three‐Step Theory of Suicide in U.K. University Students. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. ISSN 0363-0234 DOI:

Drakett, J and Kenny, MR (2018) The Cost of Anger: Gender and Collective Violence in Technology. Psychology of Women and Equalities Review. ISSN 1466-3724 (In Press)

Drakett, J and Rickett, B and Day, K and Milnes, K (2018) Old Jokes, New Media – Online Sexism and Constructions of Gender in Internet Memes. Feminism and Psychology. ISSN 1461-7161 DOI:


Gray, TG and Vickers, H and Jha, S and Jones, GL and Brown, SR and Radley, SC (2018) A systematic review of non-invasive modalities used to identify women with anal incontinence symptoms after childbirth. International Urogynecology Journal. ISSN 0937-3462 DOI:


Heirigs, M and DeLisi, M and Fox, B and Dhingra, K and Vaughn, M (2018) Psychopathy and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Revisited: Results From a Statewide Population of Institutionalized Youth. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. ISSN 0306-624X DOI:

Holch, P and Pini, S and Henry, AM and Davidson, S and Routledge, J and Brown, J and Absolom, K and Gilbert, A and Franks, K and Hulme, C and Morris, C and Velikova, G and eRAPID radiotherapy work group (2018) eRAPID electronic patient self-Reporting of Adverse-events: Patient Information and aDvice: a pilot study protocol in pelvic radiotherapy. Pilot Feasibility Stud, 4 (110). ISSN 2055-5784 DOI:

Hughes, M and Knowles, S and Dhingra, K and Nicholson, H and Taylor, P (2018) This Corrosion: A systematic Review of the Association between Alternative Subcultures and the Risk of Self-Harm and Suicide. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. ISSN 2044-8260 DOI:

Hurren, A and Miller, N and Carding, P (2018) Perceptual Assessment of Tracheoesophageal Voice Quality with SToPS: The development of a Reliable and Valid Tool. Journal of Voice. ISSN 0892-1997 DOI:


Ibrahim, J (2018) Twenty-first Century British Anti-capitalism. In: Contemporary Left Wing Activism Vol 1: Democracy, Participation and Dissent in a Global Context. Routledge. ISBN 9780815363941 (In Press)

Ibrahim, J and Roberts, JM (2018) Lenin’s Lens: The Occupy Movement, an Infantile Disorder? Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change, 3 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2589-1316 DOI:

Ireson, J and Jones, GL and Winter, M and Radley, S and Hancock, B and Tidy, J (2018) Systematic review of health-related quality of life and patient-reported outcome measures in Gestational Trophoblastic Disease: A parallel synthesis approach. Lancet Oncology. ISSN 1470-2045 DOI:


Jankowski, G and Gough, B and Fawkner, H and Halliwell, E and Diedrichs, P (2018) Young men’s minimisation of their body dissatisfaction. Psychology and Health. ISSN 1476-8321 DOI:

Jones, GL and Brennan, V and Jacques, R and Wood, H and Dixon, S and Radley, S (2018) Evaluating the Impact of a ‘Virtual Clinic’ on Patient Experience, Personal and Provider Costs of Care in Urinary Incontinence: A Randomised Controlled Trial. PLoS ONE. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Jones, GL and Vogt, KS and Chambers, D and Clowes, M and Shrimpton, A (2018) What is the burden of immunoglobulin replacement therapy in adult patients with primary immunodeficiencies? A systematic review. Frontiers in Immunology, 9 (JUL). ISSN 1664-3224 DOI:

Julian, R and Gasser, R (2018) Soldiers, civilians and peacekeeping – evidence and false assumptions. International Peacekeeping. ISSN 1353-3312 DOI:


Loftus, A and March, H and Purcell, TF (2018) The political economy of water infrastructure: An introduction to financialization. WIRES Water. ISSN 2049-1948 DOI:


Mahdi, S and Mahmoodi, N and Siddiqi, N (2018) Using a taxonomy of behaviour change techniques to define key components of Stop Delirium! a complex intervention to prevent delirium in care homes. Journal of Psychology, 1 (2). ISSN 2515-138X DOI:

Moon, C and Travaglino, GA and Uskul, AK (2018) Social Value Orientation and Endorsement of Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism: An Exploratory Study Comparing Individuals From North America and South Korea. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. ISSN 1664-1078 DOI:

Moon, C and Uskul, AK and Weick, M (2018) On culture, ethics, and hierarchy: How cultural variations in hierarchical relations are manifested in the code of ethics of British and Korean organizations. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 48 (1). pp. 15-27. ISSN 0021-9029 DOI:

Moon, C and Weick, M and Uskul, AK (2018) Cultural variation in individuals' responses to incivility by perpetrators of different rank: The mediating role of descriptive and injunctive norms. European Journal of Social Psychology, 48 (4). pp. 472-489. ISSN 0046-2772 DOI:


Pechurina, A and Sablina, S and Soong, H (2018) Exploring expectations, experiences and long-term plans of Chinese international students studying in the joint Sino-Russian degree. Higher Education. ISSN 1573-174X DOI:

Persson, S and Benn, Y and Dhingra, K and Owen, A and Clark-Carter, D and Grogan, S (2018) Appearance-based interventions to reduce UV exposure: A systematic review. British Journal of Health Psychology, 23 (3). pp. 334-351. ISSN 1359-107X DOI:

Persson, S and Grogan, S and Dhingra, K (2018) Attributions of Victim Blame in Stranger and Acquaintance Rape: A Quantitative Study. Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067 DOI:

Pettigrew, M (2018) Fantasy, Opportunity, Homicide: Testing Classifications of Necrophilic Behaviour. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology. ISSN 0882-0783 DOI:

Pfeifer, G (2018) Working and Living in an Age of Longevity: Implications for Career Planning at Young and Older Age. In: Invited talk by the BPS Wessex Branch Brighton and the Brighton and Hove Psychology Network in Brighton. (Unpublished)

Pickavance, J and Azmoodeh, A and Wilson, AD (2018) The effects of feedback format, and egocentric & allocentric relative phase on coordination stability. Human movement science, 59. pp. 143-152. ISSN 0167-9457 DOI:

Price, S (2018) Brexit and the UK-Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Aid Relationship. Global Policy. ISSN 1758-5880 DOI:

Price, S (2018) The risks and incentives of disciplinary neoliberal feminism: the case of microfinance. International Feminist Journal of Politics. ISSN 1468-4470 DOI:

Purcell, TF (2018) ‘Hot Chocolate’: Financialized Global Value Chains and Cocoa Production in Ecuador. Journal of Peasant Studies, 45 (5-6). pp. 904-926. ISSN 0306-6150 DOI:

Purcell, TF and Fernandez, M and Alvarez, M (2018) Utopian urbanism, dystopian realities. An (im)possible ethnography in Yachay, the city of knowledge. Etnográfica, 22 (2). pp. 335-360. ISSN 0873-6561 DOI:

Purcell, TF and Martinez, E and Fernandez, N (2018) The Value of Rents: Global Commodity Chains and Small Cocoa Producers in Ecuador. Antipode. ISSN 1467-8330 DOI:


Qasim, M and Webster, CS (2018) ‘Muslim Pakistani prisoners and their experiences upon release from prison: a political economy approach’. The Prison Journal. ISSN 0032-8855 (In Press)


Roach, J and Sharratt, K and Cartwright, AJJ and Skou-Roer, T (2018) Cognitive and emotional stressors of child homicide investigations on UK and Danish police investigators. Homicide Studies, 22 (3). pp. 296-320. ISSN 1088-7679 DOI:


Salem, A and Hazeldine, G and Morgan, D (2018) The Ends of Higher Education. In: Higher Education in Post-Communist States: Comparative and Sociological Perspectives. Ibidem Press, Stuttgart. ISBN 9783838211831

Salem, A and Hazeldine, G and Morgan, D (2018) Higher Education in Post-Communist States: Comparative and Sociological Perspectives. Ibidem Press, Stuttgart. ISBN 9783838211831

Spracklen, K (2018) Opeth Not Metal: Making Sense of the Symbolic Boundary Work in the Leisure Spaces of Musicians and Fans. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure. ISSN 2520-8683 DOI:

Stoet, G and Geary, DC (2018) The Gender-Equality Paradox in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education. Psychol Sci. ISSN 1467-9280 DOI:


Taylor, P and Dhingra, K and Dickson, J and McDermott, E (2018) Psychological correlates of self-harm within gay, lesbian and bisexual UK University students. Archives of Suicide Research. ISSN 1381-1118 DOI:

Taylor, SK and Andrzejowski, JC and Wiles, MD and Bland, S and Jones, GL and Radley, SC (2018) A prospective observational study of the impact of an electronic questionnaire (ePAQ-PO) on the duration of nurse-led pre-operative assessment and patient satisfaction. PLoS One, 13 (10). ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Taylor, SM (2018) An Awakening. The Psychologist, 31. pp. 42-47. ISSN 0952-8229

Taylor, SM (2018) Keeping the Account Open: On Metaphysical Mistrust in Transpersonal Psychology (A Response to Hartelius, 2017). The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 36 (2). pp. 111-120. ISSN 1942-3241 DOI:

Taylor, SM (2018) Moving Beyond Materialism: Can Transpersonal Psychology Contribute to Cultural Transformation? The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 36 (2). pp. 147-159. ISSN 1942-3241 DOI:

Taylor, SM (2018) The Return of Perennial Perspectives? Why Transpersonal Psychology Should Remain Open to Essentialism. The International journal of transpersonal studies, 36 (2). pp. 75-92. ISSN 1942-3241 DOI:

Taylor, SM (2018) Two Modes of Sudden Spiritual Awakening? Ego-Dissolution and Explosive Energetic Awakening. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 37 (2). pp. 131-143. ISSN 1321-0122 DOI:

Tipples, J (2018) Increased Frustration Predicts the Experience of Time Slowing-Down: Evidence from an Experience Sampling Study. Timing and Time Perception, 6 (2). pp. 220-230. ISSN 2213-445X DOI:

Tipples, J (2018) Increased temporal sensitivity for threat: A Bayesian generalized linear mixed modeling approach. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. ISSN 1943-393X DOI:

Tipples, J (2018) Recognising and reacting to angry and happy facial expressions: a diffusion model analysis. Psychological Research. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1430-2772 DOI:

Tipples, J and Pecchinenda, A (2018) A closer look at the size of the gaze-liking effect: a preregistered replication. Cognition and Emotion, 33 (3). pp. 623-629. ISSN 0269-9931 DOI:


Vogt, KS and Hughes, J and Wilkinson, A and Mahmoodi, N and Skull, J and Wood, H and McDougall, S and Slade, P and Greenfield, DM and Pacey, A and Ledger, W and Jones, GL (2018) Preserving fertility in women with cancer (PreFer): decision-making and patient-reported outcomes in women offered egg and embryo banking prior to cancer treatment. Psychooncology. ISSN 1099-1611 DOI:


Webster, C and Qasim, M (2018) The effects of poverty and prison on British Muslim men who offend. Social Sciences, 7 (10). ISSN 2076-0760 DOI:

Webster, CS (2018) Turning the Tables: Media Constructions of British Asians from Victims to Criminals, 1962 to 2011. In: Media, Crime, Racism. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 11-32. ISBN 978-3-319-71776-0, 978-3-319-71775-3 DOI:

White, SL and Spencer, S (2018) A school-commissioned model of speech and language therapy. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 34 (2). ISSN 1477-0865 DOI:

Williams, E and Cockcroft, TW (2018) Williams, E. and Cockcroft, T. (forthcoming), ‘Knowledge Wars: Professionalisation, Organisational Justice and Competing Knowledge Paradigms in British Policing’, in Huey, L. and Mitchell, R. Evidence-Based Policing: An Introduction, Bristol: Policy Press. In: Evidence-Based Policing: An Introduction. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN UNSPECIFIED (In Press)


Wright, S (2018) Dis-eases of secrecy – tracing history, memory and justice, Medicine, Conflict and Survival. Medicine, Conflict and Survival. ISSN 1743-9396 DOI:


Yasmin, E and Balachandren, N and Davies, MC and Jones, GL and Lane, S and Mathur, R and Webber, L and Anderson, RA and British Fertility Society (2018) Fertility preservation for medical reasons in girls and women: British fertility society policy and practice guideline. Hum Fertil (Camb), 21 (1). pp. 3-26. ISSN 1742-8149 DOI:

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