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Lawrence, S and Hylton, K (2022) Critical Race Theory, Methodology, and Semiotics: The Analytical Utility of a “Race” Conscious Approach for Visual Qualitative Research. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies. ISSN 1532-7086 DOI:

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Parnell, D and Hylton, K (2015) The community network: An Aboriginal community football club bringing people together. Who or what is making the assists to score social goals? Australian Journal of Primary Health, 22 (2). 69 - 70. ISSN 1448-7527 DOI:

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Hylton, K (2015) ‘Race’ Talk! Tensions and Contradictions in Sport and PE. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. ISSN 1742-5786 DOI:

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Book Section

Hylton, K (2019) CRT and the Critical Analysis of Gender, Sexuality and Blackness in Sport Excerpts from Contesting ‘Race’ and Sport: Shaming the Colour Line. In: Gender, Sexuality and The Black Athlete. University of Minnesota Press, Minnesota. ISBN UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

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Hylton, K (2003) Local Government, ‘Race’ and Sports Policy Implementation: Demystifying Equal Opportunities in Local Government. Doctoral thesis, Leeds Metropolitan University.

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