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Arshi, T and Rao, V and Qazi, K and Begum, V and ALSabahi, M and Ahmed, SA (2021) A Biopsychosocial Perspective of User-Generated Innovation in Open Innovation Models: A Moderated-Mediation Analysis. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 7 (2). p. 131. ISSN 2199-8531 DOI:

Asefi-Najafabady, S and Villegas-Ortiz, L and Morgan, J (2021) The failure of Integrated Assessment Models as a response to ‘climate emergency’ and ecological breakdown: the Emperor has no clothes. Globalizations, 18 (7). pp. 1178-1188. ISSN 1474-7731 DOI:


Bridge, G and Fawkes, J and Tench, R (2021) Between a rock and a hard place: publishing issues in public relations and communication management. Journal of Communication Management. ISSN 1363-254X DOI:


Cardoso-Castro, PP and Afanador Suarez, HM and Gonzales Angarita, GP and Ramirez, LN (2021) "Illicit Crops, Planning Of Substitution With Sustainable Crops Based On Remote Sensing. Application In The Sierra Nevada Of Santa Marta - Colombia." In: Climate Emergency – Managing, Building , and Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals Selected Proceedings from the International Conference of Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS) 2020. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, pp. 483-494. ISBN 9783030794507 DOI:

Chowdhury, A and Uddin, M (2021) Private Equity Exit Strategies and Profitability during the Global Pandemic: Evidence from around the World. British Journal of Management, 32 (4). pp. 1302-1337. ISSN 1045-3172 DOI:

Clayton, T and Beckett Davis, T and Netschay Davis, N and Babunga, A (2021) Women in Public Relations in North America. Technical Report. Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd, Leeds.


Diers-Lawson, A (2021) Eureka: Identifying what it means to practice student-centered teaching in a hypermodern age. Journal of Communication Pedagogy, 4. pp. 110-120. ISSN 2578-2568 DOI: 0000-0003-2584-5061

Diers-Lawson, A and Meissner, F (2021) Editor’s Essay: Moving beyond Western Corporate Perspectives: On the Need to Increase the Diversity of Risk and Crisis Communication Research. Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research, 4 (1). pp. 165-176. ISSN 2576-0025 DOI:

Diers-Lawson, A and Pang, A (2021) "Strategic Crisis Management: State of the field, Challenges and Opportunities." In: Valentini, C, (ed.) Public Relations. Handbooks of Communication Science . De Gruyter, pp. 195-216. ISBN 9783110552294 DOI:

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Goula, A and Stamouli, MA and Latsou, D and Gkioka, V and Kyriakidou, N (2021) Learning Organizational Culture in Greek Public Hospitals. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (4). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1661-7827 DOI:


Hejlova, D (2021) Women in Public Relations in the Czech Republic. UNSPECIFIED. Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd, Leeds. (Unpublished)


Kamuhuza, W and Wu, J and Lodorfos, G and McClelland, Z and Rodgers, H (2021) The tripartite partnership between female entrepreneurs, banks and governments in female entrepreneurship-development: A case study of Zambia. International Journal of Organizational Analysis. ISSN 1934-8835 DOI:

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Matthias, O (2021) “We’re all in this together”; Covid, Clients and Consulting Ethics: a tale of two firms. Management Consulting Journal, 6. p. 19. ISSN 2631-987X

Moreno, Á and Khalil, N and Tench, R (2021) Enemy at the (house) gates: permanence of gender discrimination in public relations career promotion in Latin America. Communication & Society, 34 (3). pp. 169-183. ISSN 2386-7876 DOI:

Morgan, J (2021) "Artificial Intelligence and the Challenge of Social Care in Aging Societies: Who or What Will Care for Us in the Future?" In: Carrigan, M and Porpora, D, (eds.) Post-Human Futures: Human enhancement, artificial intelligence and social theory. The Future of the Human, 3 . Routledge, London, pp. 92-116. ISBN 9780815392781

Morgan, J (2021) "Artificial Intelligence: Sounds like a friend, looks like a friend, is it a friend?" In: Archer, MS and Maccarini, AM, (eds.) What is Essential to Being Human? Can AI Robots Not Share It? The Future of the Human, Four . Routledge. ISBN 9780367368289

Morgan, J (2021) Learning to Treat Our Natural World Realistically Through Unlearning Mainstream Economics? A Commentary on the Recent Work of Peter Söderbaum. Economic Thought, 10 (1). pp. 14-31. ISSN 2049-3509

Morgan, J (2021) The future: Thanks for the memories. Real-World Economics Review (96). pp. 2-27. ISSN 1755-9472

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Nasir, M-A and Shahbaz, M and Mai, TT and Shubita, M (2021) Development of Vietnamese Stock Market : Influence of Domestic Macroeconomic Environment and Regional Markets. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 26 (1). pp. 1435-1458. ISSN 1076-9307 DOI:

Nguyen, T and Croucher, SM and Diers-Lawson, A and Maydell, E (2021) Who’s to blame for the spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand? Applying attribution theory to understand public stigma. Communication Research and Practice. ISSN 2206-3374 DOI:

Nuha, C and Shubita, M and Fiona, R (2021) "Sustainability Reporting Practices in FTSE100 companies." In: Topic, M and Lodorfos, G, (eds.) The Sustainability Debate: Policies, Gender and the Media. Emerald. ISBN 9781800437791


Ogbemudia, J (2021) Confronting Discrimination and Structural Inequalities: Professional Nigerian Women’s Experiences of Negotiating the UK Labour Market. Journal of International Women's Studies, 22 (4). pp. 4-24. ISSN 1539-8706


Robertson, F (2021) Social Network Influences on Integrated Reporting adoption and implementation – A UK Perspective. Journal of Global Responsibility, 12 (3). pp. 317-346. ISSN 2041-2568 DOI:


Shaw, P and Shaw, A (2021) COVID-19 and Remote Learning: Experiences of parents supporting children with SEND during the pandemic. Project Report. University of Hull, Hull, UK. (Unpublished)

Shaw, PA and Shaw, A (2021) COVID-19 and remote learning: experiences of parents supporting children with special needs and disability during the pandemic. Education 3-13. ISSN 0300-4279 DOI:


Tench, R (2021) Trust in Public Relations in the Age of Mistrusted Media: A European Perspective. Publications, 9 (1). ISSN 2304-6775 DOI:

Thampanya, N and Wu, J and Cowton, C (2021) Carbon neutrality targets, optimal environmental management strategies & the role of financial development: New evidence incorporating non-linear effects and different income levels. Journal of Environmental Management, 297. ISSN 0301-4797 DOI:

Topic, M (2021) Fluffy PR and ‘Comms Girls’: Banter, Social Interactions and the Office Culture in Public Relations in England. International Journal of Organizational Analysis. ISSN 1934-8835 DOI:

Topic, M (2021) Internationalisation of SMEs in Leeds and Wakefield: A Summary of Findings. Project Report. Leeds Beckett University, Leeds.

Topic, M and Diers-Lawson, A and Kelsey, S (2021) Women And The Squander Cycle In Food Waste In The United Kingdom: An Ecofeminist And Feminist Economic Analysis. Social Ecology/Socijalna ekologija, 30 (2). pp. 219-253. ISSN 1330-0113 DOI:

Topic, M and Lodorfos, G (2021) "Introduction." In: Topic, M and Lodorfos, G, (eds.) The Sustainability Debate: Policies, Gender and the Media. Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability, 14 . Emerald, Bingley, pp. 10-27. ISBN 9781800437791

Triantafillidou, A and Yannas, P (2021) Women in Public Relations in Greece. UNSPECIFIED. Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd, Leeds. (Unpublished)


Uddin, M and Chowdhury, A and Anderson, K and Chaudhuri, K (2021) The effect of COVID – 19 pandemic on global stock market volatility: Can economic strength help to manage the uncertainty? Journal of Business Research, 128. pp. 31-44. ISSN 0148-2963 DOI:


Williams, S and Radnor, Z and Aitken, J and Esain, A and Matthias, O (2021) Transferring, Translating and Transforming knowledge: The role of brokering in healthcare networks. Journal of Health, Organization and Management. ISSN 1477-7266 DOI:

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