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Gold, J and Pedler, M (2021) Bridging research to practice via action learning. Action Learning: Research and Practice. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Jones, OW and Gold, J and Claxton, J (2021) Development of a Kaizen series model: abducting a blend of participatory formats to enhance the development of process improvement practices. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. pp. 1-27. ISSN 1478-3363 DOI:

Solomon, H and Beech, N and Gold, J and Claxton, J and Auty, T and Beech, S (2020) Teacher Fellow Accreditation – A madrigal of voices! But is it the right tune? Tensions of standardisation, engagement and neoliberalism. European Journal of Training and Development. ISSN 0309-0590 DOI:

Beech, N and Gold, J and Kershaw-Solomon, H and Auty, T and Down, B and Goodchild, J and Beech, S and Nisa, S (2020) Foresight and action learning supporting transition: An account of practice. Industry and Higher Education. ISSN 0950-4222 DOI:

Jones, O and Gold, J and Devins, D (2020) SME productivity stakeholders: Getting in the right orbit. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management. ISSN 0043-8022 DOI:

Gold, J and Ogun, A and Braggs, R (2020) Social Action Learning : Applicability To Comrades In Adversity In Nigeria. Action Learning: Research and Practice. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Devins, D and Gold, J and Boak, G (2020) Action Learning and Action Research to Alleviate Poverty. Action Learning: research and practice. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Beech, N and Gold, J and Beech, S and Auty, P (2019) Speaking Right: HRDs Role in Mediating Good Boardroom Conversations. European Journal of Training and Development. ISSN 2046-9012 DOI:

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Beech, N and Devins, DM and Gold, J (2019) In the Family way: an exploration of family business resilience. International Journal of Organizational Analysis. ISSN 1934-8835 DOI:

Gold, J and Garad, A (2019) The Learning-Driven Organization: Towards an Integrative Model for Organizational Learning. Industrial and Commercial Training, 51 (6). pp. 329-341. ISSN 0019-7858 DOI:

Wu, J and Zhu, J and Fang, H and Gold, J (2018) Lending facilities versus banking service: unbalanced bank lending to SMEs in China. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 20 (3). pp. 328-353. ISSN 1753-3627 DOI:

Beech, N and Gold, J and Beech, S (2017) Military Lives: Coaching Transitions. European Journal of Training and Development. European Journal of Training and Development, 41 (5). ISSN 2046-9012 DOI:

Jones, OW and Claxton, J and Gold, J (2017) A little less conversation, a little more action: Illustrations of the Mediated Discourse Analysis method. Human Resource Development Quarterly. ISSN 1044-8004 DOI:

Boak, G and Watt, P and Gold, J and Devins, D and Garvey, R (2016) Procuring a sustainable future: an action learning approach to the development and modelling of ethical and sustainable procurement practices. Action Learning: Research and Practice. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Oppong, NY and Gold, J (2016) Developing local managers in the Ghanaian mining industry: an indigenous talent model. Journal of Management Development, 35 (3). pp. 341-359. ISSN 0262-1711 DOI:

Yeo, RK and Gold, J and Marquardt, MJ (2015) Becoming “leaderful”: Leading forward in turbulent times. Industrial and Commercial Training, 47 (6). 285 - 292. ISSN 0019-7858 DOI:

Yeo, RK and Gold, J (2015) More than meets the eye: Working around technology in cross-boundary work contexts. Information Technology and People, 28 (3). 623 - 652. ISSN 0959-3845 DOI:

Bratton, J and Gold, J (2015) Towards Critical Human Resource Management Education (CHRME): a sociological imagination approach. Work, Employment and Society, 29 (3). 496 - 507. ISSN 0950-0170 DOI:

Gold, J and Devins, D (2014) Re-conceptualising talent management and development within the context of the low paid. Human Resource Devopment International, 17 (5). 514 - 528. ISSN 1469-8374 DOI:

Beniston, L and Ellwood, P and Gold, J and Roberts, J and Thorpe, R (2014) Innovation development – an action learning programme for medical scientists and engineers. Action Learning: Research and Practice, 11 (3). pp. 311-329. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Yeo, RK and Gold, J (2014) Knowledge sharing attitude and behaviour in Saudi Arabian organisations: Why trust matters. International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, 14 (1-3). 97 - 118. ISSN 1465-6612 DOI:

Gold, J (2014) Revans reversed: focusing on the positive for a change. Action Learning: Research and Practice, 11 (3). 264 - 277. ISSN 1476-7333 DOI:

Gold, J (2013) Professionalizing foresight: Why do it, where it stands, and what needs to be done. Journal of Futures Studies, 17 (4). pp. 35-54. ISSN 1027-6084

Thorpe, R and Gold, J and Lawler, J (2011) Locating distributed leadership. International Journal of Management Reviews, 13 (3). 239 - 250. ISSN 1460-8545 DOI:

Gold, J (2011) Theorising and practitioners in HRD: the role of abductive reasoning. Journal of European Industrial Training, 35 (3). 230 - 246. ISSN 0309-0590 DOI:

Gold, J (2010) Problem-based leadership: nurturing managers during turbulent times. Business Strategy Series, 11 (3). 145 - 151. ISSN 1751-5637 DOI:

Gold, J and Anderson, L and Clarke, J and Thorpe, R (2009) To Act and Learn: A Bakhtinian Exploration of Action Learning. Action Learning: research and practice, 6 (2). 121 - 130. ISSN 1476-7341 DOI:

Gold, J (2009) Conversations outside the comfort zone: identity formation in SME manager action learning. Action Learning: research and practice, 6 (3). 229 - 242. ISSN 1476-7341 DOI:

Clarke, J and Thorpe, R and Anderson, L and Gold, J (2006) It's all action, it's all learning: Action learning in SMEs. Journal of European Industrial Training, 30 (6). 441 - 455. ISSN 0309-0590 DOI:

Book Section

Gold, J and Harrison, P and Nichol, L (2020) Redefining HRD roles and practice in the Machine Learning Revolution. In: The Future of HRD, Volume I. Palgrave, pp. 143-166. ISBN 9783030524098 DOI:

Lawler, J and Gold, J (2016) The leader's conundrum: A paradox of distortion. In: Leadership Paradoxes: Rethinking Leadership for an Uncertain World. Taylor & Francis, pp. 93-113. ISBN 9781317614685 DOI:

Gold, J and D'Souza-Matthew, M and Pickard, H and Pickard, R (2015) The struggle for product development and innovation in a family-owned business. In: Entrepreneurial Learning: New Perspectives in Research, Education and Practice. Routledge, London, pp. 194-215. ISBN 9780415723244, 9781315857817

Conference or Workshop Item

Kershaw-Solomon, H and Zhang, C and Gold, J (2015) The Betrothal Knot – Engaging British University Academic Staff. In: UFHRD, 15 June 2015 - 18 June 2015, Ireland.


Gold, J (2011) The Leader's Conundrum or "You cannot lift yourself up by your own shirt collar, can you?" (Inaugural Lecture). [Video]

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