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Addesa, FA and Vecchione, S (2012) Il Regime Fiscale Dei Calciatori: Un’Analisi Economica Comparata. Rivista di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport, 8 (3). ISSN 1825-6678

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Al-Nuaim, A and Al-Nakeeb, Y and Lyons, M and Al-Hazzaa, HM and Nevill, A and Collins, P and Duncan, M (2012) The prevalence of physical activity and sedentary behaviours relative to obesity among adolescents from Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: Rural versus urban variations. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 9 (4). 1490 - 1506. ISSN 2090-0732 DOI:

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Avramidis, S (2012) Artwork Depictions of Drownings and Rescues. [UNSPECIFIED]

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Didymus, FF and Fletcher, D (2012) Swimmers’ experiences of organizational stress: Exploring the roles of cognitive appraisal and coping behaviours. In: The International Convention on Science, Education, and Medicine in Sport, 19 Jul 2012 - 24 Jul 2012, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, United Kindgom.

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Duffy, P (2012) (Sport) Coaching: Blinded or blended in a changing world? [UNSPECIFIED]


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Green, A (2012) Asking is the Beginning of Receiving: Can a question creation task lead to enhanced performance on a Strategic Marketing model. In: Conference of the North American Society for Sport Management, May 22-26, 2012, Seattle, USA.

Green, A (2012) High Definition or Standard Definition TV broadcasting – can this impact on levels of sponsorship brand recall? In: Conference of the North American Society for Sport Management, May 22-26, 2012, Seattle, USA.


Hanley, B (2012) Biomechanical factors in race walking injuries. In: 2nd European Race Walking Conference, November 2-4, 2012, Leeds, UK.

Hanley, B (2012) Biomechanics and the rules of race walking. In: 2nd European Race Walking Conference, 2-4 November 2012, Leeds, UK.

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Hobkirk, JP and King, RF and Gately, P and Pemberton, P and Smith, A and Barth, JH and Carroll, S (2012) Longitudinal factor analysis reveals a distinct clustering of cardiometabolic improvements during intensive, short-term dietary and exercise intervention in obese children and adolescents. Metabolic syndrome and related disorders, 10 (1). 20 - 25. ISSN 1540-4196 DOI:

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Kearns, PJ and Williams-Burnett, N and Skinner, H (2012) Towards developing understanding of the drivers, constraints from the consumption values underpinning participation in physical activity.

Kearns, PJ and Williams-Burnett, N and Skinner, H (2012) Why don’t people do what’s good for them? : an examination of the value(s) which affect physical activity.

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Mitchell, TO and Nesti, MS and Richardson, DJ and Littlewood, MA (2012) Identity Formation in Professional Youth Team Environments. In: World Congress of Science and Soccer, 15 May 2012 - 18 May 2012, Ghent.



North, J (2012) Further development of the gymnastics participant model. Project Report. British Gymnastics / Sport Coaching Innovations, Carnegie Faculty.

North, J (2012) An overview and critique of the '10,000 hours rule' and 'theory of deliberate practice'. Project Report. Leeds Metropolitan University.


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Zwolinsky, S and Pringle, A and Daly-Smith, A and McKenna, J and Robertson, S and White, A (2012) Associations between daily sitting time and the combinations of lifestyle risk factors in men. Journal of Men's Health, 9 (4). 261 - 267. ISSN 1875-6867 DOI:

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