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Banerjee, G and Briggs, M and Johnson, MI (2020) The immediate effects of kinesiology taping on cutaneous blood flow in healthy humans under resting conditions: A randomised controlled repeated-measures laboratory study. PLoS One, 15 (2). ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Bugajska, K and Brooks, R (2020) Evaluating the use of the Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool in mental health services. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. ISSN 0308-0226 DOI:


Chantler, S and Griffiths, A and Matu, J and Davison, G and Jones, B and Deighton, K (2020) The Effects of Exercise on Indirect Markers of Gut Damage and Permeability: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Sports Medicine. ISSN 0112-1642 DOI:

Chesson, L and Whitehead, S and Flanagan, K and Deighton, K and Matu, J and Backhouse, SH and Jones, B (2020) Illness and infection in elite full-contact football-code sports: A systematic review. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. ISSN 1440-2440 DOI:

Cranswick, I and Richardson, D and Littlewood, M and Tod, D (2020) “Oh Take Some Man-up Pills”: A Life-History Study of Muscles, Masculinity, and the Threat of Injury. Performance Enhancement and Health, 8 (2-3). p. 100176. ISSN 2211-2669 DOI:


Duncanson, K and Shrewsbury, V and Burrows, T and Chai, L.K. and Ashton, L and Taylor, R and Gow, M and Ho, M and Ells, L and Stewart, L and Garnett, S and Jensen, M.E. and Nowicka, P and Littlewood, R and Demaio, A and Walker, J.L. and Collins, C.E. (2020) Impact of weight management nutrition interventions on dietary outcomes in children and adolescents with overweight or obesity: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. ISSN 0952-3871 DOI:


Elia, C and Karamanos, A and Silva, MJ and O'Connor, M and Lu, Y and Dregan, A and Huang, P and O'Keeffe, M and Cruickshank, JK and Enayat, EZ and Cassidy, A and Molaodi, OR and Maynard, M and Harding, S (2020) Weight misperception and psychological symptoms from adolescence to young adulthood: longitudinal study of an ethnically diverse UK cohort. BMC Public Health, 20. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Fuller, SJ and Philpot, U and Barrett, N and Cooper, E and Doyle, M and Druce‐Perkins, J and Elliott, H and Falcoski, P and Forster, R and Hickley, Y and Jennings, R and Manson, D and Street, O and Vlachou, P and Wade, S and White, S (2020) The development of consensus‐based guidelines for dietetic practice in nasogastric tube feeding under restraint for patients with anorexia nervosa using a modified Delphi process. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. ISSN 0952-3871 DOI:


Gantner, M and Laftsoglou, T and Rong, H and Postis, VLG and Jeuken, LJC (2020) Electrophysiology Measurements of Metal Transport by MntH2 from Enterococcus faecalis. Membranes, 10 (10). ISSN 2077-0375 DOI:

Guo, N and Zhao, L and Zhao, Y and Li, Q and Xue, X and Wu, L and Gomez Escalada, M and Wang, K and Peng, W (2020) Comparison of the Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Mature and Immature Honey : An HPLC/QTOF/MS-Based Metabolomic Approach. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. ISSN 0021-8561 DOI:


Heggie, L and Mackenzie, RM and Ells, LJ and Simpson, SA and Logue, J (2020) Tackling reporting issues and variation in behavioural weight management interventions: Design and piloting of the standardized reporting of adult behavioural weight management interventions to aid evaluation (STAR-LITE) template. Clinical Obesity. ISSN 1758-8111 DOI:

Hesketh, SJ and Klebl, DP and Higgins, AJ and Thomsen, M and Pickles, IB and Sobott, F and Sivaprasadarao, A and Postis, VLG and Muench, SP (2020) Styrene maleic-acid lipid particles (SMALPs) into detergent or amphipols: An exchange protocol for membrane protein characterisation. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr, 1862 (5). ISSN 1879-2642 DOI:

Hughes, L and Roberts, W and Johnson, D (2020) The impact of DNA adenine methyltransferase knockout on the development of triclosan resistance and antibiotic cross-resistance in Escherichia coli. Access Microbiology. ISSN 2516-8290 DOI:


Johnson, RM and Fais, C and Parmar, M and Cheruvara, H and Marshall, RL and Hesketh, SJ and Feasey, MC and Ruggerone, P and Vargiu, AV and Postis, VLG and Muench, SP and Bavro, VN (2020) Cryo-EM Structure and Molecular Dynamics Analysis of the Fluoroquinolone Resistant Mutant of the AcrB Transporter from Salmonella. Microorganisms, 8 (6). ISSN 2076-2607 DOI:


Mackenzie, RM and Ells, LJ and Simpson, SA and Logue, J (2020) Core outcome set for behavioural weight management interventions for adults with overweight and obesity: Standardised reporting of lifestyle weight management interventions to aid evaluation (STAR-LITE). Obes Rev, 21 (2). ISSN 1467-789X DOI:


Rutter, S and Stones, C and Wood, J and Macduff, C and Gomez-Escalada, M (2020) Effectiveness and Efficiency of Persuasive Space Graphics (PSG) in Motivating UK Primary School Children’s Hand Hygiene. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (7). p. 2351. ISSN 1660-4601 DOI:


Vanden Brink, H and Pacheco, LS and Bahnfleth, CL and Green, E and Johnson, LM and Sanderson, K and Demaio, AR and Farpour-Lambert, N and Ells, LJ and Hill, AJ (2020) Psychological interventions delivered as a single component intervention for children and adolescents with overweight or obesity aged 6 to 17 years. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. ISSN 1469-493X DOI:


Wray, R (2020) #NotMyFandom: The gendered nature of a misogynistic backlash in science fiction fandom. Psychology of Women and Equalities Review, 3 (1&2). ISSN 1466-3724


Yam, N and Murphy, A and Thew, M (2020) Occupational Therapy for South Asian Older Adults in the United Kingdom: Cross-Cultural Issues. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 030802262093320-030802262093320. ISSN 0308-0226 DOI:

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