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Abraham, A (2014) Professionalism, Golf Coaching and a Master of Science Degree: A commentary. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 9 (4). 923 - 926 (4). ISSN 1747-9541 DOI:

Abraham, AG (2014) Creative thinking as orchestrated by semantic processing vs. cognitive control brain networks. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8. 95 - ?. DOI:

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Bayjoo, JB (2014) Five favourite things about being a graduate trainee. CILIP Update.

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Buda, D (2014) The Death Drive in Tourism Studies. Annals of Tourism Research. ISSN 0160-7383 DOI:

Buda, D and d'Hauteserre, A-M and Johnston, L (2014) Feeling and Tourism Studies. Annals of Tourism Research. ISSN 0160-7383 DOI:

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