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Alam, A and Uddin, M and Yazdifar, H and Shafique, S and Lartey, T (2020) R&D investment, firm performance and moderating role of system and safeguard: Evidence from emerging markets. Journal of Business Research, 106. pp. 94-105. ISSN 0148-2963 DOI:

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Boyda, D and McFeeters, D and Dhingra, K and Kelleher, I (2020) A Population-Based Analysis of Interpersonal Trauma, Psychosis, and Suicide : Evidence, pathways, and implications. Journal of Interpersonal Violence: concerned with the study and treatment of victims and perpetrators of physical and sexual violence. ISSN 0886-2605 (In Press)

Bradley, A (2020) A Qualitative Evaluation of The Nelson Trust Griffin Programme. Other. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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Cockbain, E and Tufail, W (2020) Failing victims, fuelling hate : challenging the harms of the ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ narrative. Race & Class. ISSN 0306-3968 DOI:


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Didymus, F and Kaiseler, M and Norris, L (2020) Understanding Social Networks and Social Support Resources with Sports Coaches. Psychology of Sport and Exercise. ISSN 1469-0292 DOI:

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Irving, H (2020) The ‘War on Waste’ : using urban history to inspire behavioural change. Urban History. ISSN 0963-9268 DOI:


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