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Abbott-Halpin, EF and Hough, C and Mahmood, T and Hanif, M (2018) (Executive Summary) FAITH, FAMILY and CRIME An exploration of Muslim families' involvement with the Criminal Justice System and its impact on their health and social needs. Project Report. Barrow Cadbury Trust, London.

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Arnold, M (2018) Inside the Loop: The Audio Functionality of Inside. The Computer Games Journal. pp. 1-9. DOI:

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Badenhorst, AM and Armstrong, J (2018) Mementronome. [Video] (Unpublished)

Bagley, C and Abubaker, M and Sawyerr, A (2018) Personality, work-life balance, hardiness, and vocation: a typology of nurses and nursing values in a special sample of English hospital nurses. Administrative Sciences, 8 (4). ISSN 2076-3387 DOI:

Bagley, C and Abubaker, M and Shahnaz, A (2018) Woman and management: a conceptual review, with a focus on Muslim Women in management roles in Western and in Muslim-Majority countries. Open Journal of Business and Management, 6. pp. 498-517. ISSN 2329-3284 DOI:

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Bagnall, A and South, J and Di Martino, S and Southby, K and Pilkington, G and Mitchell, B and Pennington, A and Corcoran, R (2018) A systematic review of interventions to boost social relations through improvements in community infrastructure (places and spaces). Working Paper. What Works Centre for Wellbeing/ Leeds Beckett University, Leeds.

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Bayjoo, JB (2018) Request a copy: how a small button made a big impact. UK LibChat.

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Campbell, A (2018) Beckett Books Extra: Using a student-driven acquisition service to test social media promotion and diversify library stock. In: Internet Librarian International 2018, 16 October 2018 - 17 October 2018, London. (Unpublished)

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